Simplified ground station

The InstantEye Ground Control Station (GCS) was designed in close cooperation with military and law enforcement personnel. The intuitive flight controls, daylight readable transreflective screen, waterproof and robust housing, simplified user interface, and near-instant boot-up time enable tactical operation with minimal training. Video can be recorded using the on-board SD DVR and exported in real time for rebroadcast or post-processing.

The standalone GCS requires no tripods, antennas, external batteries, or other additional equipment. This allows deployment in under 30 sec and system operation from any position - mounted or dismounted - while retaining situational awareness.

On screen display - telemetry and diagnostics

Flight time remaining

Range and direction to aircraft, relative aircraft heading using novel indicator

Global position of aircraft or view point reticule in MGRS or lat/long

Flight and payload modes

Simplified and useful error and warning messages

DVR and video distribution

The Ground Control Station (GCS) is equipped with a built-in DVR that uses micro SD cards to record video in AVI, MOV, or WMV formats. The on-screen display (OSD) can be toggled by the user. The GCS comes standard with a BNC video output jack for use with most external displays. PSI has tested this integration with several video distribution options to ensure desirable compatibility for end-users. Pair with a third party 3G device or mobile hotspot for field-deployment broadcasts where Wi-Fi is not possible.

Further extend your imaging capabilities by affixing an optional GoPro™ HD or FLIR™ thermal camera.