Expand functionality with payloads

Despite its light weight and small size, InstantEye can carry payloads up to 300 grams with the 4 Ah battery or 450 g with the 2Ah battery. Payloads clip onto the “hip” mount and plug into the rear payload port for power and control. The vehicle automatically detects the payloads and provides GCS menus and control. PSI will work with you to integrate and control specialized payloads or just attach your payload and fly.

IR flood

Two high powered IR LEDs illuminate a flood straight below the vehicle (in line with the standard downward IR sensitive camera) that can illuminate the ground up to 300 feet AGL. This makes the vehicle highly visible in dark conditions when viewed with SWIR night-vision googles and can be used for landing in wooded areas in without emitting visible spectrum light. Best performance is seen between 100 and 150 feet. ‘Power saver mode’ disables the LEDs whenever the downward camera is not selected. However, the operator can disable ‘power saver mode’ to use the illuminators with other SWIR cameras either onboard or elsewhere.

GoPro™ HD

InstantEye is designed for plug-n-play operation with a GoPro™ Hero3+ camera. The camera can be mounted under the vehicle at multiple viewing angles with PSI’s integration mounting bracket. The real-time video from the GoPro™ can be streamed down to the GCS and is selected as a fourth camera input via the camera toggle button. Due to the transmission, the live video on the GCS is not of high definition quality; however the GoPro™ still records in HD video that can be recovered directly from the GoPro™.

FLIR™ Quark (Thermal)

The FLIR™ Quark 640 x 480 and FLIR™ Quark 320x240 can both be integrated directly into InstantEye providing excellent night time imagery and enhanced daytime imagery. Both offer 3 color palettes (white hot, black hot, orange hot) and 4 digital zoom levels (1x 2x 4x 8x). The thermal camera imagery is selected as a fourth camera via the camera toggle button on the GCS.

Mosaic mapping

InstantEye supports integration with third party cameras and software for image mosaicking and photo mapping. The standard kit includes an adjustable mounting point that accommodates any type of sensor. Flights can be performed in “supervisory mode” where the user flies the vehicle over the path, or automatically computed to sweep a user-defined area in heading lock, or path-follow heading mode.